Saint Lucia 2007 in Second Life: December 13

Last December 13, Sweden’s Saint Lucia procession in Second Life was the first widely covered Swedish-themed event in Second Life, organized by Swedish Second Life resident Tina Dahl and a small band of friends. In the year since, Second Life has seen a veritable explosion into the public consciousness, and as a result far more Swedes are now involved in the virtual world — which means far more Swedes to partake in this year’s Saint Lucia ritual.

This December 13, then, expect a far more elaborate Saint Lucia procession, with contributions from many Swedes in Second Life. Below is the press release, or download this flyer (jpeg). If you want to read up on Saint Lucia before the day, here’s a great primer. This is one of the best rituals in Sweden’s annual calendar — and now you can attend one from absolutely anywhere. No more excuses!


After last years huge succes of Lucia in Second Life – Lucia will visit us all again!

Every year the 13th of December, Santa (Saint) Lucia arrives to Sweden to announce the Christmas season. This year, again, she will be in Second Life.

The Lucia Celebration features traditional Swedish songs, with a woman, representing Saint Lucia, dressed in white robes, with a headdress of candles, a halo of light to repel the darkness.

LUCIA in Second Life – 13th of December Svenskt Resurscenter – sim (128 128 0)
Swedish time: 21.00-21.30 and 22.30 to late.
Second Life time: 12am (PST)-12.30am (PST) and 1.30 PM (PST) to late.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend this celebration of light and meet a real Swedish Lucia, complete with an entourage of singers, a Christmas tree, Santa (the real one!), Swedish freebie gifts, Swedish live music and disco. The entire amount of all sales/donation will go to Swedish Red Cross in Second Life. Donation boxs will be all over the sim.

Very welcome – all residents in Second Life,

Lucia 2007 by the People of Sweden.

PS: Who is the Lucia 2007 are a well protected secret untill the 13th of December.

For more info about the Lucia in Second Life 2006/2007 contact: Tina (PetGirl) Bergman in Second Life or by email.

One response to “Saint Lucia 2007 in Second Life: December 13

  1. Thank you for helping us spreading the word. By this blog and posters in world!

    The Lucia event got 2007 hugest succes in the Swedish part of Second Life. An event made by the People of Sweden in Second Life.

    All that helped to make this succes – worked for free (our budget was zero Linden $) behind the scene on the scene and the ones that donated things that was sold this special evening – was donated directly to the Red Cross of Sweden in Second Life. Thank YOU!

    The SIM that SRC lent us – for free – was filled all evening and sadly many dident make it – to come in and see it all.

    Many thanks from me and the group behind the Lucia event.

    We the People of Sweden in Second Life (A non profit organisation in SL) – will be back with more things in Second Life – for sure! And of course we need more help as the one you gave us! *wink*


    /Tina – Running the EXAKT Store in Second Life – And a private blog:

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