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Two Indonesian short films — March 18

On March 18, the Swedish Institute is showing two Indonesian short films at the Second House of Sweden, in the virtual world of Second Life. The films, “My Pikko” and “Night Shift”, were made during the Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop held in Jakarta from October 28 to November 18, 2007.

Workshop participants will introduce the two films; afterwards, join them in a discussion of the films and the workshop.

Anyone with a broadband Internet connection can take part. It’s free.

When: Tuesday, 18 March, 4 pm Stockholm time (8 am Second Life time, 10 pm Jakarta time)

About the films:

My Pikko (Colour, Drama, 11 minutes, 2007)
Story and direction: Andi Arfan Sabran
A mother has to make a difficult decision regarding her daughter’s pet bird during the avian flu epidemic in Indonesia.

Night Shift (Colour, Drama, 18 minutes, 2007)
Story and direction: Elizabeth Pamela Andries
Cousins Aziz and Upik work at a 24-hour convenience store in Jakarta. Aziz experiences Jakarta’s nightlife during the night shift, but gets caught in the intrigue of a crime committed by his old friend Jamal, a fellow employee.

More information:
The Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop is a project of the Swedish Institute, in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden In Jakarta, the Faculty of Film and Television — Jakarta Arts Institute and the Jakarta Arts Council.

Swedish supervisors at the workshop were Dramatiska Institutet’s Marianne Persson and Hanna Andersson. Project coordinator is Winda Wastu Melati. Both Hanna and Winda will be at the showing in Second Life to discuss the films and the workshop.

How to visit the Second House of Sweden:
First-time users of Second Life: Get a free account at Download and install the viewer (Windows, Mac or Linux), log on and you will be instantly transported to the Swedish Institute’s island. There, a short orientation course teaches you the basics of navigating Second Life. After about 15 minutes of training, you’ll be ready to join the activities at the Second House of Sweden.

Seasoned users of Second Life: Using the map, search for “Swedish Institute” and teleport there. You can also use this SLurl.

Contact info:
International media:
Susanna Wallgren,, +46 8 453 79 65

Swedish media:
Jenny Hagblom,, +46 8 453 79 22

About the Swedish Institute:
The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency that promotes interest in Sweden abroad. SI seeks to establish cooperation and lasting relations with other countries through active communication and cultural, educational and scientific exchanges. The Swedish Digital Filmmaking Workshop is one example of such work.

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