About this blog

When the Second House of Sweden was operational, this blog served a couple of specific purposes

  • To keep you informed about events and developments at the Second House of Sweden.
  • To look at what works (and what doesn’t) elsewhere in Second Life, and hopefully learn from others’ experiences.
  • To chart the technological progress of the Second Life developer community, with a view to embracing the most compelling new tools.
  • To explore some of the broader implications of this budding metaverse, both in-world and in real life.

About the Swedish Institute

The Second House of Sweden in Second Life was conceived, directed and funded by the Swedish Institute. Here’s how the Swedish Institute describes itself on its about page:

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a public agency established to increase knowledge of and interest in Sweden worldwide.

Through active communication and the promotion of broad cultural, educational and scientific exchanges, the SI establishes relationships between Sweden and other countries. It also supports Swedish language instruction at foreign universities.

The SI’s operations are carried out in close cooperation with Swedish and foreign partners, as well as with Swedish embassies and consulates around the world.