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Olle’s avatar needs a makeover

Talking about identity, Olle Ivory, the avatar of the Swedish Institute’s Director General Olle Wästberg, is looking for a makeover. He’d like to look a lot more like himself, and get a really impressive-looking outfit, suitable for virtual embassy openings and such.

If you, or somebody you know, is interested in designing a new skin and clothing for Olle Ivory, drop me a line in-world (Belmeloro DiPrima) or else email me. If you can show some previous work, that would be great.

Second Life group “Second House of Sweden” now open

The launch of this blog on the web today coincides with the opening of the group “Second House of Sweden” in Second Life — and anyone can join.

We’ll be using the group to keep members updated on the project’s progress, and when the virtual embassy is ready we’ll use it for announcements about upcoming events.