Swedish Lesson #4: Report

On Monday we had our final Swedish lesson in a series of four that we’ve held over the past six weeks. We already had some great feedback from the first three lessons, and had learned a lot about what works, what doesn’t, and how we can make it even better. I wasn’t sure if many people would show up for the final lesson; but in fact, we had more than any other previous lesson, and from an amazing range of countries: Turkey, Iraq, Pakistan, Japan and Scotland are some that I remember.

I’ll be writing up our findings properly in the coming weeks, but here is a quick preview of my thoughts: There is a lot of demand for Swedish lessons out there from people who don’t have easy access to such lessons; immersive distance learning works, but the learning curve can be steep; it’s important to have structured lessons; and finally, instead of just asking people to show up, a better model may be to have people apply, and then use Second Life as the immersive aural part of a course, complemented by worksheets and video that they can watch at their leisure. But we’ll see — it certainly is promising to be able to reach people who would otherwise never have any “face time” with a live Swedish teacher.

Finally, there was also a film crew from SVT, Swedish television, in the room when the lesson took place. Look out for a report by them next week!

Many thanks again to Lars Larsson (aka “Kvint Larsson”) for his pioneering role as virtual Swedish teacher-)

4 responses to “Swedish Lesson #4: Report

  1. Excellent thoughts on what worked and what didn’t! I couldn’t agree more! :)

    Thanks again to you guys for doing a brilliant job on this!

  2. I would be very interested in serious courses in Swedish in Second Life – Svenska A och Svenska B, kanske?

  3. Aloha!

    I would be very interested in courses in Swedish in Second life, please inform me what to do?

    Thank you so much,
    Dave Anderson

  4. Candyce Llewellen

    I am VERY interested in Swedish lessons please! Let us know when the next classes start?



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