Free Swedish lessons: Oct 22, Nov 5

Join us at the auditorium of Second House of Sweden for free Swedish lessons on October 22 and November 5 — at 4pm Stockholm time.


Instructor Kvint Larsson will use voice chat technology and a live video stream to take you through basic conversational Swedish. There will also be an opportunity to ask questions about the Swedish language. The lessons take about an hour.

October 22’s lessons will take place at 7am Second Life time (4pm Stockholm time). November 5’s lessons will take place at 8am SL time (4pm Stockholm time), because daylight savings time will have ended in Sweden by then. Please calculate your local time accordingly.

Directions to Second House of Sweden: Second Life is not a physical place but a virtual 3D world that is accessed using a special viewer that you can download. Once logged into Second Life, you can travel to Second House of Sweden, which is on the “Swedish Institute” island. The lessons take place at the auditorium, near the main building.

To get started in Second Life, get a free account and download the software here. The first time you log in you will land at a special training area near the Second House of Sweden. Expect to spend around half an hour downloading the application and learning to use Second Life, so be sure give yourself enough time before the lessons begin.

To hear the teacher, you will need to turn on voice chat. You can do this in the preferences window of the Second Life viewer. You also need to have Quicktime installed in order to see the streaming video. If you have iTunes installed you have Quicktime installed. Otherwise, you can download it here.

45 responses to “Free Swedish lessons: Oct 22, Nov 5

  1. its a good work which i would like to be part of as i intend to study in sweden though i am a nigerian

  2. hi i would luv to come and visit sweden sonest..

  3. i would luv to come and study in sweden, my name is andy aiseubeogun..

  4. I’ve just started learning Swedish in my home country.It’s a beautiful language. These lessons couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Thank you! I appreciate your initiative.

  5. Very good initiative. but why only using second life platform, can we connect in parralle to an open video chat site. it would be a much lighter solution for users like me, i just want to use a browser, and don’t need any 3d rendering.

    tak so mucket!!

    Rostom from France

  6. det skulle bli bra for att lara mig svensk ; jag talar det redan, men bara en liten. och jag tanker att det ar ganska daligt!

  7. sandra mac laine

    ok! nice iniciative. Of course! so good! I liket, I make downlouad today. when i start the lessons?
    big kisses I’m from Brasil. I need lear swedish.
    hej, hei…

  8. jag vill tallar och läser svenscka språk

  9. Hello

  10. i am from Romania….and i whan’t to learn swenska …but how because i can’t came to stockholm…can you help me ?

  11. and i forgott ….. my cuisin is in sweden…he live’s i karlskronna …..but i whant …to came in sweden very soon …i luv to stay in other country

  12. I like it, i love Sweden althouht i’ve never fly to this country

  13. jag vill tallar och läser svenscka språk

  14. Hej!
    efter en period tid kan jag pratar och skriver svensk.
    Sverige är ett land som man drömer att bör i.
    Sami bireji

  15. I very like learn Swedish
    If possible contact me
    I look forward
    Yours Faithfully

  16. I want learn swedish and danish

  17. thank you for your help in my progress in Swedish

  18. Hi everybody, please help me in searching scholarship to realize my education dream in one of Sweden Univeristy

  19. Hi thr
    i m very much intrested 2learn Sweedish Cuz i wana b s Sweedish Student,
    so any budy the 2Help Me?

  20. Rafatul Haque Rishad

    Dear Madam/Sir,
    I am a student in Bangladesh. i am very much interested to study in agricultural science in Sweden but befire that i would like o lean Swedish language.
    pls suggest how can i achieve my goal.

  21. I have just started to study swedish on Belgrade University in Serbia! I am so happy about it and this idea about learning a beautiful swedish language on line is really good! Does anyone know what are the chances for someone from this part of Europe to work and study in Sweden! Btw. Belgrade department for learning swedish was pronounced for the best department for swedish IN THE WORLD for year 2004 by Svenska Institutet. So, everybody from this part of Europe are welcome to join us!!!!!!!!

    Rostom from SERBIA!


  22. I like the things that are present on this webportal

  23. i wanna learn swedish

  24. Hi,I am master student in sweden and i like to learn swedish. I registered for Swedish course at university but it was not useful as I desired. learning swedish in this way is too good but it needs more sessions, at least twice a week not once a month.
    Lycka til !

  25. hi!
    i want learn svensk. i’m from Türkiye.

  26. yeah i also want to join it to enhance my language abilities….

  27. i Want to join the course … ive been in sweden for tow years, but i dind learn any thing before, so its a good oportunity for learinng ..


  28. hej hur mar du? jag kan prata bara lite svenska,,,im from lebanon ,,,i have been twice in stockholm for a short visit,,,i would like to learn swedish, i like it so much its not so complicated to learn it,,,,i will wait for ur invitation to come to sweden and enrolling my class,, ur soonest reply would be highly appreciated via my email…thanks for this opportunity….

  29. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    This Laith from Iraq… I need to join these courses and i will really appreciate you help by guiding me through the registration and i will really appreciate that.


  30. Here you can study swedish on all levels
    Good luck!

  31. Dear Sir .
    i am pakistani i like study in sweden now i am A.F and next step for study in sweden if u like then send me mail in my e-mail and other call me on this number any time thx
    0092-332-8340440 0092-333-8000988

  32. Hi.I am Towfiq Imam Khan from Bangladesh.I finished my Higher Secondary Exam.Now i want to learn Swedish language in Sweden.Please help me to do that.Take care.Bye.

  33. hello, ill be pleased to visit sweden & lean swedish.

  34. hi im ahmad from lebanon, im studying about electronics and communication, im interested in learning swedish language so can any body help me ?

  35. hiiiiii, i am suzan from Venezuela,,, i have been studying Swedish by my self in my vacations or free-time…. i love languages and i aim to travel to Sweden and settle down there in the near future. as a result; i need to improve my Swedish language and especially the pronunciation….. hope i can find good conversational courses by internet….thnx………… sincerely…. suzan

  36. hi if u can send me for join in ur collage i very thanks 4 that

  37. i am an indian and i want to learn swedish language

  38. Hi Ahmad, i’m from lebanon too, we’d help each other if you like coz I want to learn swedish too.. so do you have any problem with that?

  39. I’m a Sierra Leoenean and a graduate from the Fourah Bay College University of Sierra.The programme is good and i wish to be a part .I would like you to furnish me with the various topics that will be treated.I’m in search of a scholarship to do my Master’s degree .Is there any you can offer?Hope to hear from you soon.

  40. Oh good! I hope there will be many lessons like this!

    If anyone wants tutoring in English, or help with anything written in English, I am happy to do it. I hope I can connect with someone who, similarly, is happy to tutor me in Swedish.

  41. Hi,
    Am in Kenya I could like to learn Swedish language. Can I get scholarship to learn it here in Kenya?

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