Swedish for beginners – next lesson: Oct 9


On October 9 at 7am SL time (4pm Stockholm time, 10am New York Time) we’ll be having another installment of our series of free Swedish lessons for beginners. They’ll be held at the auditorium of the Second House of Sweden on the Swedish Institute sim in Second Life. Join instructor Kvint Larsson for a half hour of basic Swedish followed by a period of free-form discussion – for example for questions from people who may already know some Swedish.

Second Life is not a physical place but a virtual world that anyone with a computer and a broadband internet connection can reach. To take part in the lessons if you have never been in Second Life before, start here. You will be asked to download some software, open a (free) account, and then begin with a tutorial. If you want to attend the lessons, give yourself at least half an hour to download, install and familiarize yourself with the controls.

Last week’s lesson provided us with some valuable feedback as to what works and what doesn’t. This next lesson will be a lot more structured, as requested by those who attended. See you there!

5 responses to “Swedish for beginners – next lesson: Oct 9


  2. There needs to be Swedish For Immigrants courses in video format online. Put them on YouTube. I cannot understand why SFI has not gone ahead and done this. Perhaps your site on Second Life can do that. This would make it easier for everyone if folks learned Swedish even before coming to Sweden and also help “market” the Swedish language abroad. What do you think?

  3. i am a moroocan student at english department and i would like to study sweden .

  4. hej jag heter Giuseppe fram italien.

    Ilove svedish i’m just study your language but i’m start now for it.

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