Sweden — now playing in Second Life

Sweden: Open Skies, Open Minds is a new 4-minute film released this week that encapsulates a little bit of everything that makes Sweden, well, Sweden.

And you can now watch it in Second Life, at the auditorium of Second House of Sweden:


5 responses to “Sweden — now playing in Second Life

  1. This is a great opportunity for me to learn Swedish just in an easy way. Thanx to second life programme.

  2. once again! jag ar med med det har projekt!!
    vi ses!

  3. hello
    i speak 3 lang:french,ensglis and spanish and i like learn swedich .
    u can give me help to choose a good courses of swedich?

  4. indrojit barua

    hello i am from Bangladesh and i have graduated from the University of London and i wish to study Master Of Laws and therefore i kindly request anyone to show me the way.


  5. Noureddine O'fakhri

    hej,im from Tunisia;i got my bachlor(arts) this year and since my young age im untersted by learnning swedish so im refering to your university to get some info about how to apply in it:)thx for the help!

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