We’re getting staffing help

Since the launch, we’ve been manning the Second House of Sweden for a few hours every weekday, using our own existing internal resources. But we’re short on manpower at the Swedish Institute (in real life), and an embassy needs to be manned for longer than that — even a virtual one, as people can visit at all hours.

Starting September 1, we’ll be raising the number of hours you can find somebody staffing the sim to a minimum of six hours per day, seven days a week. If you want to learn something about Sweden, its virtual embassy in Second Life, or even just Second Life, come and pay us a visit; chances are good you’ll find someone to talk to.

To help us in this endeavour we’ve hired Praetores Laboratory AB to recruit bright and knowledgeable Second Life residents. You might have heard of Praetores Laboratory before: They’re the very talented people behind the “Second Sweden” sims.

We’ve had many people responding to the “We’re Hiring” sign at the reception desk. Praetores Laboratory will now be interviewing people, with a view to hiring suitable candidates.

3 responses to “We’re getting staffing help

  1. As a Swede and SL-resident I salute this idea. The people running, and inhabiting, Second Sweden together with all Swedish SL-residents will give you a good “pool” of compentent and service minded staff.

    Showed a German SL-friend the embassy, a couple of weeks ago, and she was surprised to find it empty.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. many corporations have left second life since they realized they had no visits.
    according to wired on a ramdom day in june 2007
    the Coke’s Virtual Thirst pavilion, was visited by 27 avatars, only.
    Big corporations reached the conclusion their investments in sl were a waste of money.
    Instead of wasting thousands of dollars in second live that has close to one million avatar loging in 30 days, why sweden does not open a FREE group in orkut that has over 100 million members?
    It looks Swedish State is just throwing peoples money out of the window.
    Second Life its a game.
    I guess public oficials in sweden should de doing more useful things than playing a game wasting in the process taxpayers hard earned money.
    Click in my name to read how madison avenue is wasting millions on a deserted second life

  3. Hi Peter42y,

    We already have a presence in social media like Flickr. Also, unlike companies, we’re not selling anything. Instead, we’re looking for cheap ways to engage people on a more personal level.

    Also, we experimenting quite a lot with how we can share content across different media – web, virtual worlds, video, live events… and you’ll be able to see the fruits of that soon.

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