May 30 is launch day for the Second House of Sweden

Suddenly a lot of news:

  • The inauguration of the world’s first virtual embassy in Second Life is almost here. On May 30, at 9am Stockholm time, we’re going to be holding a press conference, or rather, three press conferences: A real-life press conference at the Swedish Institute in Stockholm, a simultaneous press conference in Second Life at the Second House of Sweden, and finally, a press conference set up by the Open Society Archives in Budapest. (Why the last one? Read on.)
  • Sweden’s foreign minister Carl Bildt will be attending the press conferences in Stockholm and Second Life (hence the relatively short notice for the launch date — Mr. Bildt is a road warrior, albeit for peace:-))
  • While this isn’t finalised yet, I’m hoping to be able to have live streaming video of the real-life press conference piped into Second Life, where it will be shown on the Second House of Sweden’s screen, and if it works out, at other Swedish SL locations as well. This would help solve the capacity problem we may have — Linden Lab servers can only really support about 50 avatars per sim/island at any one time before lag sets in, so the list of invitees to the inauguration is necessarily going to be way too short. (Yes, I still need to send out invites — I’m trying for later today.)
  • The reason for the simultaneous press conference in Budapest is that one of the main inaugural exhibits in the Second House of Sweden is a re-enactment involving the legacy of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swedish diplomat stationed in Budapest at the end of WWII who helped save thousands of Jews from Nazi concentration camps. OSA Archivum (The Open Society Archives) have made a number of archival sources available and has been intimately involved in the process of recreating Wallenberg’s last day of freedom as an interactive multimedia exhibit. The net effect is not only educational, but engages emotionally as well, and I think it pushes the envelope for what you can do with a technology platform like Second Life.

8 responses to “May 30 is launch day for the Second House of Sweden

  1. Actually, Swedish embassy is not the first on the Second Life virtual world. Please go to:

    The Maldivian Embassy is the first one which is opened by 22 May on Diplomacy Island. Soon, the Macedonian will follow.

  2. Hi Banek,

    The more virtual embassies, the merrier, as far as I’m concerned. Do come visit ours in a week — I think you’ll like it.

  3. Hi Stefan!
    I will come to visit Swedish embassy. Thanks for invitation. No doubt, I will like it. Please for SLurl.

  4. how do i get to the second house of sweden? Im new to SL.

    / H

  5. I spent a lot of time and effort yesterday and this morning trying to find the address to0 the inauguration ceremony. To no avail as it turned out. According to an unconfirmed rumor there were only around 50 specially invited persons who could participate. Is that true? If so, why so much hullabaloo in the press and on SI website?

  6. The Second House of Sweden is now open to all. Search the map for Swedish Institute. You can also create your avatar and get direct access to the sim at

  7. Since there is still a limit of around 50 people on each “grid” at the same time, I guess they were pragmatic enough to only invite certain select individuals for the inauguration.

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