Second Life group “Second House of Sweden” now open

The launch of this blog on the web today coincides with the opening of the group “Second House of Sweden” in Second Life — and anyone can join.

We’ll be using the group to keep members updated on the project’s progress, and when the virtual embassy is ready we’ll use it for announcements about upcoming events.

6 responses to “Second Life group “Second House of Sweden” now open

  1. Jag föreslår att bloggen även skall finnas på svenska då vi är i Sverige och alla är inte lika utbildade i Engelska.


  2. First congrats on this new endeavor!

    Considering that this blog and eventual place in second life is desigined to give the “real world” a view of how Sweden is, a face outward as it were.
    I see no real reason why one should try to maintain a 2 language blog. I imagine that the level of english in this blog will be of an informative nature than academic. Also, from past experiences, the maintenance of a 2 language blog is very time comsuming

  3. Brave new virtual world. I’ll sign up next time i connect.

  4. Tomas – men jag ser som en viktig del av informationen – det är en svensk satsning, svenska skattepengar, vårt huvudspråk är svenska.

    Jag antar att ni pratar svenska på KI stundtals?

    /Tina – Bor i Sverige betalar skatt i Sverige. Första språk Svenska.

  5. Do you concider it valuable to bring in any experiences from people (and documents) engaged in establishing or maintaing an offline embassy? I mean on the social side (as opposed to all the important artefacts like the building, etc.)

    Regarding Tinas request for Swedish I can understand that, but I guess it involves costs – unless you let Tina and other maintain a Swedish version of this blog…

  6. Hi Richard, Tina and Thomas,

    Yes, this is developer’s blog, so it shouldn’t take too much time, and certainly not precedence over the actual task of managing the project. Rewriting everything here in Swedish would be a major effort for me.

    This blog is in English above all because it is not aimed at Swedes only. Fortunately, most Swedes speak excellent English. Also, it is a large part of the Swedish Institute’s job to communicatedwith non-Swedes. Doing so in Swedish would be very counterproductive:-)

    (Of course, I’d be flattered if this was all translated into Swedish elsewhere, I’m just not sure about the marginal utility of doing so.)

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